Scope of Work


project coordination (according to German AHO)

especially for works in industrial buildings, industrial areas and office buildings

We basically cover all HOAI phases, but we have specialized in the requirements of service phases 7 and 8 (the participation of contract awarding and property monitoring and documentation).

  • Our team of specialists is able to support you as followed:

    • Participation in contract negotiations / purchasing

    • Project management

      • Management of construction meetings

      • Interface to builders and executing companies

    • specialised engineers in all trades (structural works, HVAC, interior design)

    • Documentation management


  • ​​​interim management

    • technical property-management
    • technical  facility-management
    • support of existing teams for complex projects
  • hsse advisor
    • creating and implemetation of hsse-plan and documents
    • supervision of construction site setup
    • construction site supervision / inspections
    • supervision of works and training of employees
  • general contractor:
    • especially partial and complete services for construction projects with a focus on office and industrial space

    • delivery of materials and construction site services

  • construction services

    • Demolition and dismantling works

    • construction site drying

    • construction site heating (gas / oil)


  • hazardous materials in industrial and office buildings
    • (PCB, PAK, old mineral wool, asbestos)
    • water- / fire damage restoration after damage to buildings, contents and machines